Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube has announced that it will be discontinuing its overlay ads in April 2023. The move is part of YouTube’s efforts to improve the user experience and make advertising on the platform more effective.

Overlay ads are a type of advertisement that appears as a banner over the video content being watched. They can be easily dismissed by the viewer, making them less effective than other types of ads. YouTube’s decision to discontinue overlay ads reflects a shift towards more engaging and relevant ad formats.

Instead of overlay ads, YouTube will be encouraging advertisers to use other ad formats, such as sponsored cards, which allow for more interactive and engaging content. These cards appear as a small icon in the top right-hand corner of the video and can be clicked on to display additional content, such as product information or related videos.

The move towards more engaging and relevant ad formats is part of YouTube’s wider strategy to improve the user experience on the platform. By providing users with more engaging content, YouTube hopes to increase engagement and retention, which in turn benefits advertisers.

While the discontinuation of overlay ads may be unwelcome news for some advertisers, it is a positive step towards a more user-friendly advertising model. With YouTube’s continued focus on delivering high-quality content and improving the user experience, advertisers can be assured of a platform that is both effective and engaging for their target audience.


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